Weingartenlanschaft Zeichnung
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Our family winery is located in the south of Austria in the region South Styria (Südsteiermark) on the mountain called Sausal. Since generations the farming on our estate Ermihof has been made on an organic basis. We have never worked conventionally, neither in the vineyard nor in the cellar. Since 1998 the traditional winery has been run by us  - Karl and Eva Schnabel -, meanwhile with the support of our three sons. All of our wines have been natural wines from the beginning on. Our Ermihof has been demeter-certified as long ago as 2003 and we are also a member of the French winegrowers‘ association, Vins S.A.I.N.S.


Our wines

Our wines are cultural goods of original tradition. Through our uncompromising work in the vineyard and cellar, we get lively natural wines without any sulfur and other additives added as well as without any chemical and technical manipulation. The barren and poor Sausal soil with its siliceous primary rocks in the form of schist, the vintage and the handwriting of the winemaker are reflected in our wines.

Wine fair Karakterre 9

On May 19th we will be at the wine fair Karakterre 9 in Eisenstadt / Austria