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Weinkeller Zeichnung

"All of our wines are fermented grape juice, nothing else."

Weintraube Zeichnung


This is what makes our wines stand out:

without any chemical and technical manipulation

without the help of any treatment agents

very mineral due to the Sausal soil

dry (suitable for diabetics)

very durable after opening

deep and finely structured

fermented spontaneously

a pleasure to drink

vertically complex

no sulfur added


long aging





The soil in our vineyard Hochegg is characterized by rough siliceous primary rock, whereby the slate rock is colored red-brown due to iron deposits. The open, high and steep hillside, which faces south to south-south-east, leads to a very airy microclimate.

Pinot Noir Hochegg
Pinot Noir Hochegg

„Shining Queen“

Morillon Hochegg

„Animating Exotic“

Morillon Hochegg
Blaufränkisch Hochegg
Blaufränkisch Hochegg

„Stony King“


„Extraordinary Couple“


Our vineyard Koregg is characterized by a very barren, siliceous primary rock soil with little humus build-up. The deep slaty rock has a finer stone structure than that of our other vineyards. This very steep vineyard with an altitude of 520 m is located in a sheltered location in the Sausal hilly landscape.The vineyard Koregg is exposed to south to south-south-west.

Pinot Noir Koregg

„Deep - grounded Queen“

Pinot Noir Koregg
Blaufränkisch Hochegg

„Mineral King“

Blaufränkisch Koregg


The soil in our vineyard Kreuzegg consists of weathered siliceous primary rock with covering of humus. At an altitude of 500 m with a south to south-south-west exposure, it has an open view of the Koralp mountains.

Rotburger Kreuzegg

„Austrian Elegance“

Rotburger Kreuzegg

„Vital Lightness“


The red wine cuvee Urgestein consists of the red wine varieties Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and Pinot Noir. This wine reflects the Sausal soil of our three vineyards, Hochegg, Koregg and Kreuzegg.


"Everyday Wine"

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